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y now, most Natural News readers have an inkling of cruciferous vegetables' ability to resist cancer cells from developing or impede their growth once formed.

Out of those cruciferous vegetables, which include broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, kale, cabbage and bok choy among others, broccoli has shown the most consistent and pronounced anticancer effects with testing.

The types of broccoli grown and how it's prepared determine its anticancer power. The amount that has to be eaten for high anticancer activity may be too much for most except the most ardent broccoli lovers.

But recently, a more accessible variation of broccoli has been proven so potent at delivering anticancer compounds that one group attempted to patent it; fortunately, they were unsuccessful.

Now the same anti-cancer compound in broccoli has been tested positively for its effects on existing osteoarthritis or degenerative joint disease, a very common, painful and debilitating degenerative joint condition that afflicts an estimated 20 million people or more in the USA alone.

Older folks are most likely to suffer from osteoarthritis, as joint wear and tear increases inflammation.

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15.10 | 23:10

Avacado handler mest om et "gammelt" syn på fett, så jeg ville nok ikke personlig byttet den ut først :)
Lykke til :)

15.10 | 23:07

Hei Irene
Kokos kan forverre fordøyelsen til Blodtype O, så bør unngås ved helseproblemer.

15.10 | 05:07

Hva er grunnen for å ikke inkludere kokos og Avocado for type O? Viktig kilde til fett i mitt kosthold

01.08 | 21:43

Det har du helt rett i.
Har vært litt hektisk en periode, så har ikke fått oppdatert som ønsket.
Du kan også få mer info på